School-based Programs

Our primary mission as a social enterprise is to enhance the lives of young people. We achieve this in many ways however we are most grateful for the relationships we have built with Schools since 2014. It is through schools that we have been able to grow our reach and impact. Below you will find the ways we can engage with Students at your School.
Schools do not employ a chaplain or student wellbeing officers directly. Chaplains and student wellbeing officers are sourced through an external organisation that has been accredited by the Department of Education to provide these services in schools.
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For VIRB, helping people gain new emotional health skills isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. Established in 2014.
"With a needs based approach, action-based learning paradigm and personal stories rich with overcoming adversity, we can motivate, connect with and engage with people from all walks of life.
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This inspiring, heartfelt and passionate day comes to you from the masters of Action-Based Learning, delivering a robust combination of motivational speaking and small group practical sessions.
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We understand what it feels like to be forming your own identity. We have learned that life’s battles can be won, by levelling up our values and arming ourselves with a sense of humour and an optimistic attitude. Appropriately sharing their struggles, the VIRB team encourages young people to view their lives through new lenses.
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Food Relief
Every day, Australians face the harsh reality of hunger. For many, it only takes an unexpected emergency expense for essentials like healthcare, housing, or transportation to push them into food insecurity. Regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances, life's challenges can affect us all.
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Culture Focus Approach
This training is highly sought after and we like to keep the group size to 10 participants at each training. The days are full of Action-Based Learning, in fact you will learn an Action-Based Process that will make engaging young people in personal and academic growth a breeze.
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Flexible Learning Hub
Year 8, 9, and 10 students who are identified as disengaging or non-attending in their traditional school environments are provided with a flexible learning arrangement through the Department of Education.
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