Empowering Emotional Health:
VIRB Journey of Transformation

For VIRB, helping people gain new emotional health skills isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. Established in 2014.

"With a needs based approach, action-based learning paradigm and personal stories rich with overcoming adversity, we can motivate, connect with and engage with people from all walks of life. This includes young people from 10+yrs of age, workshops for college students, personal and professional development seminars and training packages tailored to your needs." - Joshua Schloss (Founder and Managing Director).

Please watch the short video to see more about our Presentations that utilise Virtual Reality as a powerful metaphor to engage in meaningful themes with a broad range of young people.


Students are invited up on stage to venture through the Virtual Simulation. A throwable microphone is used to capture the thoughts of the audience. Polling software is used to capture student data eg. 'How many of us have difficult lives that we aren't talking about?' which then frames a more powerful and meaningful discussion as we discuss the audiences specific culture.
Heartfelt stories of overcoming adversity are appropriately shared including themes such as (but not limited to): bullying, low self-esteem, drugs, alcohol, social isolation, grief and loss.
Social & Emotional
Our Self-Concept is explored, the impact of our Self-Talk is highlighted, the immersive nature of our individual hardships is compassionately revealed.
Students leave bonded through a shared fun, humorous and interactive experience. Empathy, compassion and forgiveness are developed across entire year levels.

Other Services

A Wide Range of Enriching Programs

More Youth Presentations & Programs
Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow
Faculty Training
World Class Culture that integrates Values.

Learn non-punitive strategies that assist young peoples barriers to drop, creating more emotionally safe classrooms.
Chaplaincy, Student Wellbeing Officers (SWO) & Youth Support Coordinators (YSC)

Large Audience Presentations

VIRB's engaging and entertaining presentations and workshops are delivered to students at various educational institutions and events, including:

- Primary Schools
- High Schools
- Universities
- Youth Camps
- Conferences
- Council Events

VIRB can present on a range of topics, some of the more regularly asked for topics include:

Respectful Behaviours (Anti-Bullying Discussion)
Avoiding the false masculine (An intimate look into what it means to be an emotionally healthy man in today's world)
The dangers of sex (A captivating exploration of the risks of being sexually active too young or while at school)
What is love really? (The value of love not the feeling of love)
Safe Schoolies (A humorous discussion around how terribly wrong schoolies can go and how to navigate it successfully and safely)
HYPER-REALITY (VIRB's most popular talk which uses a Virtual Reality on stage experience to open an informative and personal discussion around mental health, emotional health, human kindness, and empathy).

Wellbeing Booklet

Click below to download an e-booklet that further explains our wellbeing positions in schools.
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Click below to download our company brochure which details more about who we are and what we do.
Company Brochure
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